Customer Points

You will earn 10 points after you register a PowerChum account on the sign in/register page: You will earn 1 point for every $1 US dollar spent in your PowerChum account. Once you earn 100 points in your account, you will earn $1 US dollar. 100 points = $1 US dollar. This mean that each point has a value of $0.01 ($1/100).

You can apply your points to check out your order in your account. For example, if there are 40 points in your PowerChum account, you can apply your 40 points to save $0.80 for your order. It is mean that each point is equivalent to $0.01. 40 points = $0.80 point discount.

Please feel free to email to our customer service or chat with us if you have any question about your customer points.